How do you obtain that elusive secret millionaire mindset?

Everybody is keen to know how you get that elusive and secret millionaire mindset, but in fact it is not a major mystery, and if you follow the examples set by other secret millionaires, there are common threads running through each of their lives. The major trait that most millionaires had, was persistence. This trait was evident in all millionaires surveyed. The belief and persistence to achieve what it is that the individual wanted, that is what seperates the haves from the have-nots. To ensure that you get to the stage where you persist with wealth creation without fear of failure, most individuals will first have to deal with issues of low self esteem, probably some form of lack of confidence, and the major stuimbling block for most individuals is of course the absolute fear of failure. People create adversity where no adversity seems to exist. You need to ensure that your fear does not overwhelm you, and that it does not start to control you and your actions. A belief in your abilities will also do wonders in terms of your drive to continue at wealth creation. With these traits, you are sure to succeed in any endeavours that you undertake. There is no magic bullet or elusive mindset, it really is just belief and perseverance.

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